Virtual Scholarship Qualification Test (VSQT)

Takes 10-minutes! Answer a few questions to qualify for millions in scholarships and free money for college. Secure your debt-free future now!

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What is the VSQT?

The VSQT is an international test currently administered by Xollege Pass, an educational enterprise, for scholarship assistance, free money for college maximization, and debt-free degree assurance. 

We have secured more than $400 MILLION in scholarships for our scholars and plan to help more than 50,000 students attend college debt-free!

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Students in grades 8-12 , college and graduate school are eligible to take the 10-min questionnaire. 

Should you take the VSQT?

Do you  need money to cover your college tuition?

Does it seem hard to find  and win scholarships?

Does the thought of paying for college  have you worried or stressed out?

Does your family make "too much money" according to FAFSA?

Are you currently faced with student loans?

If you answered yes to any of the questions listed above, you should take advantage of the VSQT exam.

Benefits of taking the VSQT?

The Virtual Scholarship Qualification Test was created with the idea that every student has the right to a FREE education. 

Here are some benefits of taking the Virtual Scholarship Qualification Test:

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The Virtual Scholarship Qualification Test is not affiliated with the ACT or SAT. 

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